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UV Resistant Epoxy with Super-UV Inhibitor Additive

What is UV Inhibitor for Epoxy Resin?

UV inhibitor is an additive for epoxy resins and polyurethanes that protects against the impacts of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Because epoxies and polyurethanes are not completely resistant to UV, a UV inhibitor can be added to the formula to absorb UV rays and protect from yellowing or ambering. 

Super-UV Inhibitor Additive for Epoxy Resin 

Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the best clarity defender for epoxy resin or polyurethane projects. Designed with long-term quality and effectiveness in mind, this proprietary formula is the perfect solution for projects that will have occasional to frequent sun exposure. Super-UV was developed to work perfectly with Superclear Epoxy Resin Systems epoxies

Superclear Epoxy Resin Systems epoxies already have some Super-UV Inhibitor Additive in their proprietary formulations. However, since this solution can significantly increase the cost of a kit, we wanted to provide makers with the option for additional UV protection in their projects. Check out our epoxy variations to see which one would work best for your application! 

How does Super-UV work chemically?

To ensure long lasting clarity in polymers like epoxy resin and polyurethane projects, Super-UV uses HALS in the propriety formula. HALS, or Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer, works to absorb any yellowing from UV rays. When added to epoxy resin or polyurethane, the UV inhibitor consumes the effects of UV instead of being taken in by the polymer. 

Think of Super-UV like a sacrificial lamb; the UV inhibitor takes the place of the polymer by absorbing all yellowing first, which then destroys the “lamb” instead of the epoxy. With Super-UV acting as the first line of defense, these polymers can now maintain clarity significantly longer! 

Super clear 3 gallon deep our casting.

Benefits of Super-UV

Non Yellowing Epoxy

Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the best deterrent against yellowing and ambering in epoxy resin or polyurethane projects. Especially in clear or lightly pigmented pieces, this additive is the perfect solution to keep epoxy projects looking crystal clear. 

Perfect for Outdoor Projects 

Whether a project will be in full or partial sun, Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is highly recommended for any outdoor pieces. Without adequate UV protection, outdoor epoxy bartops, river tables, serving trays, and art pieces can yellow from long term exposure to UV rays. To avoid this, use Super-UV to absorb UV rays to keep projects looking clear for years to come! 

Highest UV Resistance 

With only a small amount of Super-UV, epoxy and polyurethane projects will stay unaffected by UV in the long run. This makes the additive the perfect solution for important keepsakes and works that need to stand the test of time! 

Made in the USA

Along with all other products manufactured by Fiberglass Coatings, Inc., Super-UV is made 100% in the USA. FGCI has been in business for over 60 years in St. Petersburg, FL, producing the highest quality projects available. With this in mind, makers can trust that Super-UV will ensure premium quality UV protection to all epoxy and polyurethane projects. 

Fiberglass Coatings, Inc. and Super Epoxy Resin Systems

How to Use Super-UV Inhibitor Additive

Before Super-UV can properly protect polymer projects from UV effects, the following preparations must be done: 

  • Measure accurate ratios 
  • Mix fully
  • Allow to fully cure 

Below is a more detailed explanation of the previous points. 

Measure Accurate Ratios

Even in small quantities, Super-UV Inhibitor is an extremely potent additive in epoxy and urethanes. Since Super Epoxy Resin Systems epoxies already have some Super-UV in their proprietary formulas, only a small amount of product should be added. For best results, we suggest using no more than 0.5% to 1% in ratio to the total volume of epoxy. Use the chart below as a general rule of thumb for how much Super-UV additive to use for your total volume:

Super UV Inhibitor Additive chart

If too much Super-UV is added to the epoxy, the following issues may occur: 

  • Cloudiness 
  • Softness 
  • Slow curing time

To avoid these issues, be sure to use extremely accurate measurements. It may be better to use closer to a ratio of 0.5% to prevent unwanted effects. 

Mix Fully

This additive must be fully distributed throughout the mix to ensure effectiveness. When mixing into epoxy, add Super-UV to the B side (curing agent) before mixing in the A side (base resin). This will allow the additive more time to integrate thoroughly with the epoxy. 

Allow to Fully Cure 

As with all epoxy projects, allow to fully cure before demolding and undergoing use. More so in the case of UV exposure, epoxy should have full hardness prior to use to avoid damage, deformation, or premature yellowing. 

Applications for Super-UV Inhibitor Additive 

Outdoor Projects 

Any outdoor epoxy project that will have some sun exposure could benefit from extra UV protection. Super-UV will better preserve projects including… 

Long-Term Pieces 

Epoxies and urethanes are quickly becoming popular products for DIY home renovations. Use Super-UV in the following applications to keep renovations looking clear in the long run: 

Important Keepsakes 

Whether a gift or a personal piece, epoxy keepsakes should stay clear for as long as possible. Super-UV will ensure longevity in memento projects like… 

Clear blue ocean art tray


If you’re looking for enduring clarity in epoxy resin or polyurethane projects, Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the solution. Its ability to absorb and defend against the effects of UV light makes it the best clarity defender for any project. Give your work long-standing lucidity with the best UV resisting additive available!


Does epoxy yellow over time? 

Although Superclear Epoxy Resin Systems epoxies have the best UV resistance of those currently on the market, no epoxy is completely resistant to the effects of UV rays. Use Super-UV to more than double the longevity of clarity in our epoxy projects! 

Why does epoxy turn yellow? 

When UV rays directly or indirectly hit epoxy, they eventually degrade the product, causing a photochemical reaction and producing a yellowing look. Super-UV Inhibitor Additive absorbs the effects of UV light to shield the epoxy from this reaction, keeping it clear for much longer! 

Is epoxy UV resistant? 

Superclear Epoxy Resin Systems epoxies are already extremely UV resistant. Because epoxy can never be completely immune to the effects of UV light, Super-UV Inhibitor Additive should be used to prolong the clarity of your projects. 

What protects epoxy from UV?

Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the best defense against yellowing from UV rays. Whenever possible, cover up or move your epoxy projects out of sunlight to ensure best results. 

Will epoxy resin last outside? 

On its own, epoxy resin will not stay completely clear in constant sun exposure. However, Super-UV Inhibitor Additive will give your projects long lasting clarity in outdoor applications! 

Super-UV Inhibitor Additive 8oz 153065

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