About Us - Superclear® Epoxy Resin Systems

FGCI – Details Done Right

We here at Fiberglass Coatings are a highly trusted end-to-end manufacturer of epoxy resins and putties, polyester resins, putties and gelcoats.

We’ve been in this business for over 60 years and much has changed over that time. Technology always advances and that includes all the materials that help to create those advancements – one of which is resins!

 We are a Healthy Mixture of


Above all, we are only a measure of our products. That’s why we only manufacture the Highest Quality Products.



We have immense pride in our wide ranging product line that allows us to service many different industries.


Product Support

We support our entire product lines with full customer service and technical support 110%.



We work hard to maintain a constant trust with our customers by ensuring you receive only the most premium product.

We do extensive laboratory testing to create cutting edge formulations and deliver innovative premium resin solutions for high quality products.

Consistent Quality

Ensuring you can expect the same high quality product every time you order! You can trust in our products having the highest quality!

Optimised Formula’s

We optimize our formulations for a user friendly product with a large multitude of project applications and usage. Let your creativity take hold!

Diverse Industries

Our client footprint is wide reaching and we supply a plethora of industries from woodworking, pools, marine, RV and automobiles to your favorite amusement parks!

No matter what you’re building or creating, chances are it involves resin, and we’ve got you covered with the highest quality resin!