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Our epoxy is only as reputable as the makers who use it! Learn more about our trusted partners, their specialties, and how to get in touch!

JD Customs

Joseph DeDeo

JD Customs

Full time electrician of 20+ years and hobbyist woodworker for the past 3 years. Specialize in all things epoxy from 8ft dining room tables to 4 inch coasters! I honestly just love creating no matter the size or scope of the project but my real passion is leaning towards the larger tables! That doesn’t mean you won’t see me making a little epoxy night light or blowing out some resin ocean waves either!

It’s just all so much fun for me right now and I’m super fortunate to have great people following along with me for the ride!

KK Resin Art

Kaycee Keller

KK Resin

Kaycee Keller aka @kkresinart is a self-taught resin artist from the Pacific Northwest. She first started experimenting with this medium in 2018, there were a lot of failures and few small victories.

Creating a diy geode wall art for her own home turned into a full-time floral preservation business for her today. She credits her success to partnering with companies like SuperClear® epoxy that helped encourage her along the way, leading to where she is today.

Matt's Woodworks

Matt Clark

Matt's Woodworks

Matt Clark is known for crafting luxury furniture art, his unique designs, high end gaming tables, and providing a world class experience with his clients. Matt has a passion for creating true statement pieces, his work has also been featured and housed in A-list celebrity estates & professional athletes homes.

He plans to push the boundaries with his furniture designs in the near future and strives to inspire anyone and everyone to do something they’re passionate about!

Black Forest Sawmill

Sean Black

Black Forest Sawmill

Black Forest Sawmill was founded by Sean Black in 2015. It’s a family owned business offering tree to table custom services.

Sean started building furniture with his grandfather at the age of 12.  In high school his Ag and Woodworking teachers were a huge influence in his career choice.  He graduated from VA Tech in 1983 with a degree in Forest Resource Management and Wildlife Biology.  He has worked in the timber management, logging and sawmill business for 37 years.

Black Forest Sawmill is now located in a 7000 square foot space. This includes a retail area and a full service woodworking shop. The business is now able to offer one-of-a-kind inventory, quality materials, professional craftsmanship and great customer service.

Beata Ottley

Beata Bober-Gorzkowski

BG Eclectic Designs

I am a Houston based artist that was born and raised in Rzeszów, Poland. Creating art is a form of therapy for me and the use of resin and real quartz crystals allows me to pour positive energy while giving my art work purpose. Creating unique wall art and functional art allows me to offer a large variety of one of a kind items priced to fit anyone’s budget.

I love the look of mirror glass finish that resin allows as well as reflective gold, silvers, and an array of color play from my pigments.  Whether it’s a unique functional art from my inventory, or something you have a vision of, I can bring a piece of luxurious flair to your home or office.

Woodworks By Jared

Jared Davis

Woodworks By Jared

What started out as a college hobby has turned into a legitimate passion! I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, work in Huntsville, AL, and am fortunate enough to ship my passion all over the country! This will be my 6th full year of doing live edge work and I feel like I have just started! So far I am in 49 states if I am counting correctly (Hawaii is the one that I am missing so if you are kicking it up in Maui feel free to order and help me complete my country wide tour!!).

I am a small shop, not a production facility like some shops I have seen. I work my furniture alongside my daytime desk job, but that doesn’t mean I give it part-time effort. I strive to give all of my clients an experience and change the way they think about custom furniture. My clients don’t purchase a piece of furniture, they purchase me. They purchase Jared Davis for 6-12 weeks and all the passion and attention I can give. Sending progress photos throughout the process and delivering a one of a kind piece of furniture that sincerely hope they enjoy for a lifetime.

I have to thank Instagram and Etsy so much for all they’ve done for me so far and how their platforms have enabled my small measure of success (follow me on Instagram @WoodWorksbyJared  if you don’t already!!)

I hope to look back on all of this one day and see that I gave it all I had, that I made my family proud, that I impacted people’s lives, and that ultimately ALL glory was given to God to whom it belongs, and by whom we have “…Life, breath and all things.” -Acts. 17:25

Macarthur Woodworks

Michael Meeks

Macarthur Woodworks

Hey! My name is Michael Meeks and I started my company, MacArthur Woodworks, in October of 2019. I started woodworking because my wife asked me to make her a table. I was not confident in building the table, but fell in love with the process of creating. In early 2019, I discovered epoxy and my world was changed.

I started making charcuterie boards with resin in them and eventually discovered Superclear® products. I began to make larger tables and projects with resin. I am blessed to continue to receive custom orders through word of mouth and my website. I specialize in resin charcuterie boards and handcrafted custom commissions, but I also make tables, bookshelves, and we launched a line for babies in April of 2022.

I am excited to see where the company can go in the next few years and pray that in all I do I would bring glory to the Lord.

Roni Langley

Roni Langley

RLL Designs

Charlotte born and raised, artist Roni Langley draws inspiration from beaches worldwide for her art. Although she’s been painting since she was in elementary school, it wasn’t until she was facing college debt that she decided to turn passion into product and start her own small business to pay for school. Once graduated from college, she had the choice of starting a career behind a desk or taking her business to the next level to become a full-time artist.

Each purchase and order goes toward supporting that dream and achieving what she thought would be impossible. Although oceans have been her specialty the past four years, Roni is moving into mixed media sculpture work in 2022 to complement her existing body of work. This new collection will be a reflection of God’s creations to showcase elements of nature like water, light, and stone.

Kiwi Woodshop

Brenton Ottley

Kiwi Woodshop

My name is Brenton, I grew up in New Zealand & have worked with trees in a number of ways. From my first job of planting trees to cutting down trees in the forestry service, running a sawmill for a number of years and now making custom furniture out of domestic and exotic woods. Kiwi Woodshop started as a side hobby when I moved to the US from Australia. I was working as a carpenter and I would use all the free time I had to make charcuterie boards. One day while scrolling through Instagram I came across Epoxy.

I was fascinated by it so I ordered some & started making molds to do Epoxy pours. As my Instagram presence grew, I started getting custom requests for different styles and colors. I kept expanding and building bigger projects which led me to where I am today making full sized epoxy river dining tables and live edge furniture. Every piece I make is one of a kind and I am always pushing my own limits to see what I can do next.

Kiwi Wood Shop is a bespoke Furniture Manufacturing company based out of San Diego California, specializing in hand-crafted, high-quality wood furniture. Each piece of furniture we craft is handmade using the highest quality lumber from sustainable sources located here in the United States.

Dillweeds Custom Wood

Dylan Walters

Dillweeds Customwood

I started out in a career in the oil field, working my way up from a deckhand to a captain. After 5 years, I lost my job. In 2016, I came home with a particular skill set that didn’t apply on land. Multiple layoffs made it hard for anyone to get a job in the oil field. After a year of being home I got married, and with a son on the way, I knew I’d have to find something to do to provide for my family.

One day, my brother came to me and showed me pictures of river tables and I knew I wanted to try my hand at it. I took my last bit of money I had saved and purchased some slabs and epoxy. My first table was a maple burl river table, and I immediately fell in love with the process.

After a bunch of trials and errors, and bumps along the way, my dream has become a reality in the furniture you see today.

Blue Art Expressions

Zydra Delaney

Blue Art Expressions

Lithuanian born, self-taught artist Zydra Delaney lives in sunny Florida on the coast of Cape Canaveral, and is inspired every day by the blue ocean, lush nature, and bright colors of tropical flowers. Growing up by the Baltic Sea her early best memories were spending vacations by the water, playing in the sand, and searching for natural genuine amber on the shore. Having the opportunity to create and express herself, she learned many craft styles and uses natural, exotic, and organic materials in her art. She has shared her passion for art, food, interior design, and handcrafted work with others for many years. Her art is sold in the USA and Internationally.

In 2020, her passionate drive to create something unique and beautiful led her to woodworking craft and exotic woods in the Charcuterie Serving Board making craft, Wall Art, and Home Decor. She wants to bring joy and showcase the vivid colors, and textures of nature in every art piece she makes.

Brittany Zick

Brittani Rebeiz

Brit's Table Co

Hi I’m Brit,

I make custom tables for people who want their dream table. My tables are not just table but a place where open conversations happen and family and friends open up to each other and foster lasting memories.

Brit’s Table Co all started because I wanted to make a coffee table for myself. I started to learn and made 13 tables before making my own and sold those tables. I decide to show my work on Instagram and TikTok and people liked what they saw and that is when I accidentally started my business.

Zakk Hess

Zakk Hess

Double Kay Products

My name is Zakk Hess. ( If you’ve ever wondered the significance of “Double Kay”, yes, it’s a play on my name. ) I’m 28 years old and I live in upstate New York between Syracuse and Rochester.

As much as I’d love to be a full time woodworker, I’m not… yet. I still work a M-F 9-5. I work for my county’s Emergency Management Office as the GIS Coordinator, Grant Management, and Emergency Planning. My formal education is in Geology, Hydrology, and GIS. I find that the scientific and quantitative background has really helped with certain aspects of woodworking. Earth’s engineering translates well to engineering wood, I guess!

Before I started woodworking my life revolved around running. I was a relatively successful collegiate runner and tried to pursue running well postgrad. Injury after injury setting me back, I finally decided to throw in the towel on pursuing running in 2019. My days that were planned around running became a lot more free… and boring. Then woodwork came along. It was a pretty seamless transition. I’m an “all in” kind of a person – woodworking has been no exception.

I’ve got big dreams and aspirations with this thing. I’m working hard every day to make that dream a reality, so I appreciate the support, opportunity, and all of you following along!

Brittany Zick

Brittany Zick

Dead Stuff Club

Dead Stuff Club is run by artist Brittany Zick.

Her work spans everything from resin sculptures to preserved insect displays, but everything has a touch of whimsy and the macabre.

CF Woodworks

Christopher Forcenito

CF Woodworks

Hello, my name is Christopher Forcenito, owner of CF Woodworks LLC. Growing up I was always intrigued by art and creativity. In 2019 I decided that I needed a hobby, so I set out to make myself the new fad: “the river table.” I then completed my first table with success and was inspired by its beauty and the self-fulfillment that I felt.

It then snowballed to the successful business it is now. We have quickly become the number one River Table fabricators in the state of New Jersey. We make everything from coasters to dining room tables. For each piece that is put out, I take extreme pride in and attend to every detail.

Coldbrew Woodworking

Andrew Fischer

Cold Brew Woodworking

After buying his first house in 2018, Andrew built himself a custom dining room table in his basement, and Cold Brew Woodworking was born. Now a full-time maker, Andrew is passionate about connecting and creating at higher levels every day in his Nashville, TN wood shop.

A former certified technician for Toyota and native New Yorker, Andrew’s approach to woodworking is both mechanical and people-focused. Quality and consistency come first at CBW – from customer service to maker collaboration, he leaves no stone unturned and holds himself to the highest standard.

Grant Greefkes

Grant Greefkes

GG Woodworks

I’m born and raised in Wisconsin and I’m a 3rd generation woodworker and son of a carpenter. I was a carpenter myself for several years before I started my own woodworking business.

Now I’d say I specialize in making tables and charcuterie boards, and I record most of the processes for those who would like to try it themselves or those who are interested in seeing the process that goes into making a custom piece.