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Super-UV Inhibitor Additive


Super-UV Inhibitor Additive


– Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the ultimate add-on to keep your epoxy and urethane projects free from UV effects! This additive will absorb UV rays to keep your projects looking clear for longer!


– This inhibitor is the best defense against ambering and yellowing on clear or pigmented projects, making it the perfect additive to prolong the lifespan of any epoxy or urethane work!


– With just a small amount of this additive, epoxy and urethane will maintain better clarity and UV resistance with occasional or partial sun exposure, making it the best product to use on serving trays, tables, countertops, casting projects, and much more!


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Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is an extremely UV resistant additive for epoxy resins and urethanes! By adding only a small amount of this UV absorbing solution to the total volume of your epoxy or urethane, your work will sustain much greater protection against ambering and yellowing. Super-UV is the best clarity defender for all types of projects, regardless of the application – from pieces located near a window, in partial shade, and everything in between!

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A little Super-UV goes a long way. Use no more than 1% of this additive in ratio to the total volume of epoxy. For example, use 1.2 ounces (or 37cc) of Super-UV for every gallon (128 ounces) of epoxy. See the chart below for more:

UV Inhibitor Chart

UV Inhibitor Chart with gallons to ounces and CCs.


– Super-UV Inhibitor Additive is the best product to use with epoxy to protect against UV due to its excellent resistance to yellowing and ambering. 


– A UV Inhibitor is a light stabilizer additive for epoxy resins and urethanes that resists the effects of ultraviolet rays. Super-UV is a great additive to use in any project that will have occasional or frequent exposure to UV. 


– Because epoxy resin is not completely resistant to yellowing under UV exposure, it is not typically recommended for outdoor applications. However, Super-UV Inhibitor Additive can be used to protect outdoor epoxy projects from the effects of UV exposure. 

While our product can be used in a variety of applications, not all users or environments are the same. As such, specific directions for all individual users might not be addressed in the directions. If there are any questions that our directions do not answer, pertaining to the individual customer’s application, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to contact us directly with any technical questions and procedures prior to the application of the product. See below for various means to obtain further information and or contact us directly; we offer FAQs on our website and technical service via Email or phone Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm EST.

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