An Honest Review: What is the Most Durable Bar Top Epoxy?
Honest Review: What is the most durable bar top epoxy?

An Honest Review: What is the Most Durable Bar Top Epoxy?


So you’re revamping your bar, or maybe you’re setting up a new one. You ask yourself, “What’s the most durable bar top epoxy out there?”

Good question, and we’re here to provide an honest answer. Stick around; this is going to be enlightening.

What Makes an Epoxy Durable?

Before diving into product recommendations, let’s talk durability. What makes one epoxy more durable than another?

Understanding Shore D Hardness

Shore D Hardness is the scale used to measure an epoxy’s durability. The higher the number, the harder the epoxy.

Sounds simple enough, but what does this actually look like in real life?

Epoxy Hardness Levels: A Handy Guide

(Marshmallow: 10 Shore 00): Imagine squishing a marshmallow between your fingers. Soft, right? Epoxy at this level would most likely be way too soft and pliable. Probably useful for very niche artsy stuff, but we'll let you figure that one out!

(Textbook Cover: 40 Shore D): Think of a textbook cover. It's kinda hard but has some give. An epoxy like this is more for specific, low-impact projects, not ideal for a bustling bar top.

(Bulletproof Glass: 80 Shore D): Picture bulletproof glass. That's the level of durability you get from our Superclear Table Top Epoxy. Hard enough to have a great scratch resistance, but soft enough for the best impact resistance!

(Drill Bit: 90 Shore D): Imagine a diamond-tipped drill bit. Super tough, but maybe overkill for most projects. Like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut; effective but maybe too much.

Importance of Curing Time

A fully cured epoxy offers its maximum durability. Always consider the curing time for a fair comparison.

Some epoxies cure in 2 hours while others can take up to 30 days for maximum hardness.

The Market Contenders 🤔

There are many bar top epoxy options out there, some boasting Shore D Hardness ratings up to the 90s.

They’re not lying; those epoxies are super hard.

But does that hardness always = the best bar top epoxy? Let’s find out.

Hardness Isn’t the Whole Story

The Real-World Test: Resistance to Stains and Scratches

While a high Shore D rating is impressive, it’s not the end-all-be-all. Your bar top also needs to withstand spills, slams, stains, and scratches.

That’s where Superclear Table Top Epoxy shines. It’s stain & scratch-resistant, as well as impact-resistant; offering durability where it truly matters.

User-Friendly Application

Applying epoxy isn’t always a cakewalk. Our formula aims to simplify this process by being easy to mix and apply (1:1 by Volume Ratio).

applying bar top epoxy

All About the Finish: Clarity and UV Resistance

An epoxy’s finish can be a game-changer. Our epoxy offers crystal-clear clarity and remarkable UV resistance, ensuring your bar top stays vibrant and clear for years.

Consistency in Every Batch

With Superclear, what you see is what you get—every single time. We maintain strict quality control to ensure every batch meets our high standards.

We manufacture all of our products right down the street from where I’m currently sitting (my “mega-desk” – not quite on par with Dwight’s, but it’s getting there!).

Zero VOCs for Healthier Environments

We care about your health. That’s why our epoxy features zero VOC content, making it a more breathable, healthier option for indoor spaces.

Excellent Customer Support and Resources

Stuck halfway through your project? We’ve got your back. Our customer support is always ready to help, and our online resources can guide you to a perfect finish.

Ready for Your Next Epoxy Project? 🛠️

Wait a minute! Before you dive in, make your life easier with our Epoxy Project Planner PDF. This handy template is your ultimate guide to achieving epoxy greatness.

  • 🎯 Track your products used
  • ⏱️ Keep an eye on the working time
  • 🗓️ Note down when you last poured
  • 🌡️ Log your ambient temperature
  • 🤓 And more!

So why make it complicated? With our Epoxy Project Planner, you can focus on creating something awesome while we handle the details.

Download Now

Food-Safe Certification

Safety first! Our epoxy is food-safe once fully cured, giving you peace of mind in addition to a durable surface (FDA 21 CFR 175.300, ASTM D-4236).

Versatility for Creative Applications

Why limit your epoxy to just bar tops? Superclear Table Top Epoxy is versatile enough for all your crafting needs. From bar tops, to coatings, to jewelry – it does all of that AND MORE!

superclear table top epoxy

Let’s Not Stop There: More Reasons to Love Superclear

  • Self-Leveling Properties: Say goodbye to uneven surfaces. Our epoxy is self-leveling, which means achieving that perfect, glass-like finish just got a whole lot easier.
  • Compatibility with Color Additives: Feeling creative? Our epoxy mixes well with various color pigments, letting your artistic side shine.
  • Quick Cure Time Without Compromise: Get the best of both worlds: a longer working time for application and a quicker cure time to enjoy your new bar top sooner.
  • Heat Resistance: Our epoxy can take the heat, literally. It’s designed to resist high temperatures, making it ideal for table tops or bar tops. Our bar top epoxy can withstand sustained heat up to around 130F before becoming malleable. See the TDS for more info!
  • Unbeatable Value: Your penny stretches further without sacrificing the aesthetics and durability of your bar top. Dive into the nitty-gritty of cost-effective epoxy bar tops with us.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly made in the USA, our products meet high manufacturing standards.

Other Superclear Options for Different Needs

Deep Pour Epoxy

If you’re working on a project that needs something harder, we’ve got you. Our Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy has a Shore D in the upper 90s when fully cured. Talk about hard!

liquid glass deep pour epoxy resin

Countertop Epoxy

Looking for an epoxy specifically for countertops? Our Countertop Epoxy also boasts a Shore D in the upper 90s. It’s like the Iron Man of epoxies.

countertop epoxy resin in modern rustic kitchen

Looking for some inspiration? 

Be sure to check out these game-changing epoxy bar top ideas!

LED epoxy bar top anyone?


While a high Shore D rating is something to consider, remember that durability is a multifaceted concept.

Superclear Table Top Epoxy ticks all the boxes, offering a well-rounded, dependable, and versatile solution for your bar top needs.

Superclear Table Top Epoxy 2 Gallon Kit
Superclear Epoxy 1 Gallon Kit Epoxy Resin

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