Epoxy Resin Color Pigment (SUPERCOLORS) – White

Epoxy Resin Color Pigment (SUPERCOLORS) – White



Epoxy Resin Colored Pigment (SUPERCOLORS) – White

Our epoxy resin color pigment creates the perfect colored epoxy for wood! Whether you’re filling wood cracks with colored epoxy, creating your own unique colored river table, this pigment is perfectly suited to your needs! With an integrated squeeze dropper, measuring by drop is done with ease! Mix these colors to create a one-of-a-kind project!

  • RESIN DYE COLOR CONTROL: The 6 Ounce variety pack not only gives you more colorant, but also more control. Mix and match colors to create your perfect color! With these colors, along with our guide that is included, you can achieve any color, PERIOD!
  • MICA POWDER: Easily add mica powder for epoxy resin to create even more depth, shimmer and shine!
  • EPOXY RESIN DYE: The Supercolors Resin Pigment are 100% PURE pigments THAT DO NOT CONTAIN IMPURITIES. Rest assured that your project will cure the way you expect it to!
  • TRANSLUCENT OR OPAQUE: Create a see through translucent resin tint or opaque finish like a dark black epoxy or a white milky look! The control is up to you! Just put in a little or a lot for your desired result!
  • A LITTLE GOES A LOOONG WAY: Because our product is highly concentrated, you will be able to pigment DOZENS & DOZENS of huge pours for minimal investment! (Includes: Black, White, Red, Phthalo Green, Phthalo Blue & Yellow)
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Our epoxy resin color pigment Supercolor White is the ideal choice for coloring epoxy resins and gelcoats, letting you create transparent or opaque finishes! These premium colors are also extremely affordable and provide the same results as color pigments for a fraction of the price.

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