Superbond Epoxy Adhesive: The Ultimate Epoxy Adhesive
Superbond Epoxy Adhesive

Superbond Epoxy Adhesive

Introduction to Superbond

As an epoxy brand, Super Epoxy Resin Systems is proud to introduce you to one of our strongest adhesive solutions: Superbond Epoxy Adhesive. Designed for a wide range of applications, Superbond is the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Read on to learn about this fantastic product and how it can revolutionize your adhesive experience.

Experience the Ultimate Bonding Power of Superbond

Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is not only versatile and easy to use, but it also provides unparalleled bonding capabilities between different substrates. Imagine bonding a metal bar to wooden ceiling rafters securely enough to perform pull-ups without worry! This feat demonstrates Superbond’s outstanding bonding strength, ensuring a durable and reliable hold even in challenging applications.

By choosing Superbond Epoxy Adhesive, you’re investing in a product that rises to the occasion, providing excellent adhesion for a multitude of materials. Wood, metal, glass, and more – Superbond confidently bonds different substrates with unmatched tenacity.

  • Incredible bonding strength: Bond a metal bar to wooden ceiling rafters securely enough to perform pull-ups without worry.
  • Versatile adhesion: Confidently bond different materials such as wood, metal, glass, and more with Superbond’s unmatched tenacity.
  • Easy to use: Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is formulated with a simple 1:1 by volume ratio, ensuring the perfect mix every time.
  • Tailored cure times: Choose from Fast and Slow speed kits to suit your specific needs, never worry about rushing or waiting for the epoxy to cure again.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your adhesive needs. Opt for Superbond Epoxy Adhesive and experience the exceptional bonding power that keeps your projects secure, strong, and long-lasting. Trust in Superbond and elevate your adhesive game to new heights.

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Key Features

Easy 1:1 Ratio

No more confusion or wasted product! Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is formulated with a simple 1:1 by volume ratio, ensuring the perfect mix every time.

Fast and Slow Speed Kits

Not all projects require the same curing time. That’s why we offer Fast and Slow speed kits to suit your specific needs. Choose the appropriate kit for your project and never worry about rushing or waiting for the epoxy to cure again.

Versatile Application

While Superbond is primarily designed for joinery to adhere wood, it also excels in many other adhesive applications. Its versatility makes it the perfect solution for a wide range of projects. Some of these other applications are the following:

  • Home Repair: Fix broken tiles, ceramics, or repair furniture joints with Superbond, making it a handy product for various home improvement tasks.
  • Boat and Marine Applications: Due to its water and chemical resistance, Superbond is excellent for sealing, bonding, and plugging holes in boat construction or marine equipment repair, ensuring a watertight and durable finish.
  • Sports Equipment: Repair or reinforce damaged sports gear, such as hockey sticks, tennis racquets, or golf clubs, with Superbond Epoxy Adhesive.
  • Construction and Building: Superbond can be used for bonding construction materials like bricks, concrete, and metals in structural applications or decorative elements.
  • Artwork and Sculpture: Create or repair sculptures, statues, or mixed media artwork using Superbond Epoxy Adhesive for a durable and long-lasting bond.
  • Shoe Repair: Fix damaged shoes, boots, or sandals by bonding soles, leather, or other materials with Superbond Epoxy Adhesive.

Benefits of Superbond Epoxy

  • Strong Bonding: Superbond’s unique formula guarantees a strong bond that can withstand pressure and weight. This adhesive is perfect for structural projects or when you need something to hold up against the test of time.
  • Gap Filling: Do you have uneven surfaces that need bonding? Superbond Epoxy Adhesive can fill gaps, providing a secure bond even on irregular surfaces.
  • Water and Chemical Resistance: Our Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is formulated to resist water and chemicals, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and even in harsh environments.
Wood Joinery Epoxy Adhesive

Application Guide

Surface Preparation

Before applying Superbond Epoxy Adhesive, ensure that surfaces are clean, dry, and free of any contaminants or loose materials.

Mixing and Applying

Following the 1:1 ratio, mix the two components thoroughly and apply evenly to the surfaces being bonded.

Clamping and Curing

Once the adhesive is applied, clamp the pieces together to ensure proper bonding. Refer to the Fast or Slow speed kit instructions for specific curing times.

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Tips for Success

Storage and Maintenance

Store Superbond Epoxy Adhesive in a cool, dry place to ensure a long shelf life. Properly clean your tools and work area after use.

Safety Precautions

Always wear protective gear and follow safety guidelines when working with epoxy adhesives. Refer to the product’s safety data sheet for additional information.


Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is an exceptional solution for various adhesive applications. With its easy 1:1 ratio, Fast and Slow speed kits, and versatile application, Superbond is the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its strong bonding, gap-filling, and water and chemical resistance make it suitable for a wide range of projects. Always follow the application guide and safety precautions to ensure successful results. Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is here to revolutionize your adhesive experience and help you achieve the best outcome in all your projects.

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Can Superbond Epoxy Adhesive be used on materials other than wood?

  • Yes, Superbond Epoxy Adhesive is designed for versatile applications, making it suitable for bonding various materials such as metal, concrete, glass, and plastics.

How do I know whether to use the Fast or Slow speed kit?

  • Choose the Fast speed kit for projects requiring a quicker cure time, and the Slow speed kit for projects where you need more time to work with the adhesive before it cures.
    • Pro Tip: The Fast speed kit can also be used on applications below the water line! Fantastic for patching your boat in a pinch!

Can Superbond Epoxy Adhesive withstand high temperatures?

  • Superbond Epoxy Adhesive has a heat resistance range of up to 250°F. It can withstand occasional exposure to higher temperatures but is not recommended for applications where continuous exposure to extreme heat is expected.

What is the shelf life of Superbond Epoxy Adhesive?

Can I paint or stain over Superbond Epoxy Adhesive?

  • Yes, once fully cured, you can paint or stain over the adhesive to match your project’s appearance. Make sure to lightly sand the surface and remove any dust before applying paint or stain.
Super bond Epoxy Resin - The strongest and most versatile adhesive in the world

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