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Deep Pour Epoxy Guide


At Super Epoxy Systems, we are passionate about providing the best possible solutions for all your woodworking needs. Our Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy and 24 Hour Deep Pour Epoxy formulations were born from our dedication to excellence, providing exceptional quality and unsurpassed performance. With our deep pour epoxy resin, you can have peace of mind knowing that your projects will not just appear stunning, but will endure for many years to come.

What’s the Point?

This article is for both experienced woodworkers and newcomers alike, and aims to provide the following:

  • Focus on Advantages & Uses of Deep Pour Epoxy
  • Properties and Formulations
  • Multiple Applications
Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Products

What is Deep Pour Epoxy?

Definition of Deep Pour Epoxy

Deep pour epoxy is a transparent, high-gloss, two-component resin specifically crafted for deeper casting endeavors. Unlike our Superclear® Table Top Epoxy and Designer Art Resin, which were designed for things like bar tops, seal coats, and resin wall art. (You can learn more about Art Resin by clicking here!)

Deep pour epoxy generally utilizes a low viscosity, enabling effortless pouring into molds, and can be cast in thicknesses of up to 2 inches or greater. This characteristic allows for easier molding of items such as river tables, sculptures, and charcuterie boards.

Explanation of Its Unique Properties and Formulations

Deep pour epoxy is formulated to be self-leveling and bubble-free, which makes it the perfect choice for high-gloss, crystal-clear castings. It also has a low exothermic heat buildup during curing, making it safe for use with delicate or heat-sensitive objects.

Comparison to Traditional Epoxy Resins

Traditional epoxy resins are typically limited in their pour thickness and can be prone to air bubbles, yellowing, and cracking when poured at greater depths. In contrast, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy offers a thicker pour, eliminates air bubbles, and has superior UV resistance, making it a better choice for long-lasting, high-quality castings. Whether you’re looking for a stunning river table or a durable coffee table, deep pour epoxy is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Deep Pour Epoxy River Table

Benefits of Deep Pour Epoxy

Durability and Longevity

One of the biggest benefits of deep pour epoxy is its durability and longevity. It forms a strong, hard surface that is resistant to impacts, scratches, and other damage. In addition, deep pour epoxy is resistant to water, chemicals, and other substances, which helps to protect your projects from everyday wear and tear.

Easy to Use

Deep pour epoxy is a cinch to use, thanks to its fluid consistency and natural ability to spread evenly. It’s straightforward to pour into mold forms, and its handling during the hardening process is a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy allows you to craft stunning, top-notch castings with ease.

Self-Leveling and Easy to Sand & Polish

Deep pour epoxy is also self-leveling, which means that it will even out and fill any gaps or voids in your mold, creating a smooth, consistent surface. Once it has cured, it is also easy to sand and polish, making it the perfect choice for creating high-gloss, crystal-clear castings.

Applications of Deep Pour Epoxy

Epoxy Serving Trays & Charcuterie Boards

One of the many enticing possibilities of deep pour epoxy lies in the crafting of serving trays and charcuterie boards. With deep pour epoxy, you can create a sturdy surface that is able to withstand scratches, impacts, and other types of wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for use in the kitchen or dining room, adding both beauty and practicality to your home. The self-leveling nature of deep pour epoxy results in an even surface that’s ideal for showcasing your favorite cheeses, meats, and snacks.

River Tables

Another popular use for deep pour epoxy is in river tables. River tables are stunning pieces of furniture that feature a river of epoxy running through the center of the tabletop. With deep pour epoxy, you can create a river table that is both beautiful and functional. Its clear, high-gloss finish is perfect for showcasing the natural beauty of the wood, while its durability and resistance to weather, heat, and UV make it ideal for use as a dining table or other high-use surface.


Aside from furniture and charcuterie boards, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour is also suitable for sculpture making. Its self-leveling characteristics enable the creation of intricate patterns and forms, and its clear, high-shine finish adds a stunning touch to your pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned sculptor or a recreational artist, deep pour epoxy offers the adaptability and dependability required to bring your artistic vision to life.

Glass Clarity Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Glass-Like Clarity of Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the standout features of Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy from Super Epoxy Systems is its glass-like clarity. This deep pour epoxy resin provides an ultra-clear, high-gloss finish that gives your projects a professional and sophisticated appearance. Whether you’re creating a custom charcuterie board or a set of serving trays, Liquid Glass® will give your work a stunning, glass-like finish that is sure to impress.

Protects and Enhances the Beauty of Your Projects

Aside from its visual appeal, the crystal-clear nature of Liquid Glass® also offers a defensive shield for your creations, safeguarding their beauty in the long run. No matter if you’re utilizing natural wood patterns or elaborate designs, Liquid Glass® will accentuate and elevate the beauty of your project. It acts as a barrier against humidity and other environmental factors, ensuring that your work remains stunning for years to come.

Ideal for High-Quality Castings

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy is the perfect choice for high-quality castings. Its glass-like clarity, durability, and versatility make it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects, from functional pieces like serving trays and charcuterie boards to decorative pieces like sculptures and wall art.

24 Hour Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep pour epoxy resin is a multi-functional material that has gained popularity in recent years. However, it’s normal to have questions about its various applications and properties. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about deep pour epoxy resin to help clear up any confusion and make the best use of this product:

What is considered a deep pour for epoxy?

A deep pour for epoxy refers to the depth of the resin used in a single application. A deep pour is typically considered to be 1/2 inch or more in depth. Using our Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy you can pour anywhere between ½” up to 4”, and with our 24 Hour Deep Pour Epoxy you can pour from .25” up to 1”!

What is the difference between deep pour and regular epoxy?

Most epoxies are used for shallow applications and have a high viscosity, shorter working time, and less of a tolerance for greater depths. This makes it difficult to use for deep pour projects. In contrast, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy has a lower viscosity, which allows it to be used for applications that are deeper without separating or sagging.

How deep can you pour epoxy at once?

The maximum depth that you can pour epoxy at once is dependent on the specific product you are using, the size and shape of your mold, and the ambient temperature and humidity levels. Our Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy can be poured up to around 4 inches in a single application, while our 24 Hour Deep Pour can be poured up to 1 inch or more depending on factors such as the volume and ambient temperature.

Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Board


Recap of the Benefits and Applications of Deep Pour Epoxy

In this article, we explored the many benefits and applications of deep pour epoxy. From its durability and longevity, to its easy-to-use formula and resistance to weather, heat, and UV, deep pour epoxy is a versatile and high-performing material that is ideal for a wide range of creative projects. Whether you’re creating serving trays, charcuterie boards, river tables, sculptures, or anything in between, Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy provides the performance and versatility you need to bring your vision to life.

Choose Super Epoxy Systems for the Ultimate Deep Pour Epoxy Experience!

When it comes to choosing the best deep pour epoxy for your creative projects, look no further than Super Epoxy Systems. Our premium deep pour epoxy resin is specifically designed for your needs, providing the durability, performance, and versatility you need to bring your vision to life. With a commitment to quality and a passion for creativity, Super Epoxy Systems is the best choice for all of your deep pour epoxy needs.

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