Cutting-Edge Superbond Epoxy Adhesive.

Super bond Epoxy Resin - The strongest and most versatile adhesive in the world

Most Advanced & Versatile Epoxy Adhesive System

We’ve created the most advanced epoxy adhesive system, period. Meet Superbond. This state-of-the-art formula takes bonding to a new level!

Our 2 part Superbond Epoxy Adhesive System is outfitted with advanced chemical bonding that can bond every substrate, fiber reinforcement for structural strength, 100% waterproof and stronger than concrete!

Look, this stuff is so strong, we’ve had shrimp boat customers mix and spread this product on the outside of their boat, let it cure and went out on the open ocean.

We mean it when we say this is the most advanced epoxy system on the market!

Wood to Wood

This is the woodworker’s choice epoxy adhesive. When woodworker’s want to bond joints and know they’ll have a lifelong bond, they use Superbond. Even when used thin, the tensile strength is just as strong!

Glue Plastic to Metal

As a homeowner, you tend to run into uncommon situations. One of those may be where you need to bond or glue plastic to metal. Superbond’s unique chemical structure creates that perfect bond for that rare problem!

Strong Adhesive for Plastic

Let’s face it, if Superbond can bond plastic to metal, it’s definitely a strong adhesive for plastic. Plastic to plastic bonding is child’s play for Superbond — the “Super” is in the name for a reason!

Metal To Metal Adhesive

Superbond forms the strongest metal to metal adhesive bonding. With just a little surface prep, you will ensure a very long lasting bond with unrivalled tensile strength! Don’t risk leaving your project to one of those other brands, use Superbond and be super satisfied!

The last adhesive you’ll need to buy!

We’ve created 3 versions to fit your needs with the same bonding capabilities and strength you’d expect from a high performance epoxy adhesive.

Super Bond Standard Slow Epoxy Adhesive
Standard Slow Cure Epoxy Resin Adhesive
Super Bond Medium Epoxy Adhesive
Medium Cure Epoxy Resin Adhesive
Super Bond Fast Epoxy Adhesive
Fast Cure Epoxy Resin Adhesive